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specialization," he said.The most important thing is t▓o share data from different studies,

since ▓there is a large number of patients with breast cancer, Lucc▓i said."If we could get together and pool the da

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ta, that would be just phenomenal. We could really m▓ake advances more quickly than we did it indepe▓ndently."But there are inherent problems in telemedicine ▓that should be addressed, he said."Ther▓e are difficu

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lt logistical problems like how to share tissue or blood across countries and be able to analyze those specimens?" Lucci said. "Those are things that need to be worked out in the future."Another issue, he

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    er services for patients," Bukowski said.More than 70 percent of urgent illness conditions can ▓be taken care of with the help of telemedicine, according to the American Telemedicine Association.A simple physician training enables provi▓ders to diagnose and treat minor problems such as pharyngitis, sinusitis and ▓upper respiratory illnesses